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The role of a Guardian is to be the nominated responsible adult (representing the parents) for the student in the UK and to focus on both, the academic and pastoral aspects of the educational experience of the students.


Guardians support students (and also parents) throughout their stay while at boarding school in the UK. Guardians are there also to satisfy the minimum requirement Tier 4 Visa regulations to study in the UK and make sure children have an adult figure in the country.


Alta Education is a small and caring consultancy agency that provides guardianship services for students from overseas in the UK. At Alta Education, we have first-hand experience of the British educational system and the international student’s journey.

In Alta Education we are combining our caring nature with our extensive experience of working in education with young people from overseas and the UK. The wellbeing of the students is our priority and we would like to contribute in making the experience of every student a successful and happy one.

We are interested in developing a relationship with the student and their families that eases the settling in and arrival process and establishes a bridge between the family and the academic and pastoral aspects of the school. A guardian helps and supports with difficulties that students may encounter while studying in the UK.


Main Guardianship Service​

  • Students have access to a 24/7 emergency support.

  • Academic monitoring and pastoral support.                                                                       

  • Help, advice, support in all matters relating to preparing for school, settling in and living in the UK.

  • Be the point of contact between the school (academic, pastoral and boarding teams) and parents.

  • Receive reports and translating these (if required) and sending them on to parents.

  • Arranging transfers (usually coordinated with the school) to and from school and airports. 

​Any additional Guardianship services can be discussed, however, these may incur a fee.

Term and conditions apply.


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